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Quaker Oats, 1906

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u came to the wrong neighbourhood m8

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barack. 50. bisexual. im a boy and i wear makeup get over it. my parents dont understand me and i hate them. killjoy name: emobama exploder. this is an lgbt friendly blog. if u follow me i follow back.

omg no stop reblogging this it’s from my emo phase sTOP

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Damien Rudd
from Objects of intimacy

A person’s pillow is their most intimate object. For this project I have photographed 5 pillows from 5 different people. Each pillow is at a different stage of transformation relative to its age and frequency of use. With these images I aim to show something that is generally hidden. To view them is to see a part of the owner; the history is the relationship between the owner and the object. The pillow is moulded and transformed by the markings of bodily fluids so it becomes as individual and distinctive as that of a fingerprint. It is no longer an innate manufactured object, but is now impregnated with life and mutation.

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But that’s what we call “beauty” .smh.

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